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Тема «Образование в нашей жизни» (Education in our life)

Our modern world is full of technological advances and education is very important today. Human progress mainly depends on well-educated people. They say that those who have information, rule the world.

When we are 7 years old we are sent to schools to get useful knowledge about our world, although that isn’t the main purpose of education. The most important thing, to my mind, is learning how to learn in order to use this ability in our future life. At school children also enjoy lots of cultural activities which reveal their personal talents. However some people think that the current system of education isn’t able to teach pupils how to become good thinkers and schools are only about passing exams.

Education is very important for me and it goes without saying that I’m planning to get a higher education after finishing school. I’m sure it will enable me to achieve better prospects in career growth. Nowadays you can’t find an interesting job with a decent salary without a certain level of education because every company looks for well-qualified specialists. While studying at a university you get essential knowledge for your future profession. Moreover, university life is always exciting and eventful.

I believe it is impossible to overestimate the importance of education. It is one of the most valuable possessions and the most powerful weapons we can get in our life. It develops many sides of human personality and helps us to understand ourselves deeper. Education trains the mind to think, that’s why educated people have the ability to change our world and contribute to the well-being of our society.


Наш современный мир полон научно-технических достижений, и образование сегодня очень важно. Человеческий прогресс в основном зависит от хорошо образованных людей. Говорят, что те, кто владеет информацией, управляет миром.

Когда нам исполняется семь лет, нас отправляют в школу для того, чтобы мы получили полезные знания о мире, хотя это не является главной целью образования. Наиболее важным, на мой взгляд, является обучение тому, как надо учиться для того, чтобы использовать это умение в нашей будущей жизни. В школе дети также наслаждаются богатой культурной жизнью, в которой раскрываются их индивидуальные таланты. Однако некоторые люди считают, что действующая система образования не способна научить детей тому, как стать эффективными мыслителями, и школы существуют лишь для того, чтобы сдавать экзамены.

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... английскому «Образование в нашей жизни» (Education in our life) Our modern world is full of technological advances and education is very important today. Human progress mainly depends on well-educated people. They say ...

Образование для меня очень важно и, само собой разумеется, что я намереваюсь получить высшее образование после окончания школы. Уверен, что это даст мне возможность добиться хорошей перспективы в карьерном росте. В наше время невозможно найти интересную работу с приличной заработной платой без определенного уровня образования, поскольку любой компании нужны квалифицированные специалисты. Во время учебы в университете вы получаете важные знания для своей будущей профессии. Более того, университетская жизнь очень увлекательна и насыщена событиями.

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Education in the 21-st century Подготовили: Дикова Екатерина, ученица 11 класса, Литвинова Светлана Леонидовна, учитель высшей квалификационной категории МБОУ СОШ № 9 г. Новочеркасск 2016 – 2017 учебный год

What factors should be considered when choosing a career? Each person is unique – when selecting a suitable profession he is guided by his personal factors, the environment, the advice of friends, interests friends. Of course, in practice, optimally to take into account their personal abilities and life interests but, unfortunately, they are often priced in the least. We will discuss the main factors that shape human preferences in the choice of their profession.

The opinion of parents, older family members The position of his friends – the impact of the environment Opinions of school teachers, teacher Own professional plans The tendency of man

Vocational College or University: which choice is better? It all depends on the future goals of the student, if the employment – of course, the College, if theoretical knowledge – the University. Today, employers need specialists with practical skills taught at College and universities bachelor’s courses focus only on theory. It is important to note that colleges shall promote the employment of their graduates: advising how to correctly create a resume, interview properly, to issue a work permit. Annually, a job fair and meet potential employers. Of course, if your employer or your career is not enough your diploma, you will have the opportunity to continue their education at the University, intramural or extramural Department, while not disturbing daily work.

Thus, summarizing all above, we draw the following conclusions about the benefits of College: Colleges offer more diverse number of programs, both in duration and content. For graduates of Russian schools College more convenient for successful learning and integration into the new community; The cost of training for a year in College two times lower the cost of education at the University. The College gives a more practically focused training, and the University is theoretical. Colleges retrain University graduates, helping them to obtain applied skills needed in the work. Programs more intense and does not tolerate gaps. Program colleges are always actual and modern.

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... мечты↑ ШколаСовременное образование → О важности образования Топик (сочинение) по английскому языку на тему «Образование в России / Education in Russia» «Образование в России / Education in Russia» Education plays a very important role in our ... much attention to the educational policy. John Kennedy said: “Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education”. But it doesn’t ...

At the end you will become a highly qualified specialist who has the necessary knowledge in a certain area. You will clearly know how and what you need to do. You will have an idea about all the intricacies of their profession. This will give you an advantage when applying for work. Because every employer is interested in the fact that he employed competent and smart professionals. And the skills of a person with higher education go far beyond the skills of someone who has only secondary. With higher education you will be able to obtain the profession of your dreams. After all, colleges and technical schools train specialists for all professions. But for all universities, and in the course of the training, you will be able to choose a narrower profile in the studied field of knowledge. The advantages of higher education

Over the years spent at the Institute, you will receive invaluable experience. In fact, besides the theory, you’ll still have to practice. And the practice, as you know, works better than theory. You will meet many new interesting people, each of which can open you something new, show off your look at familiar things, and maybe over the years you will meet and love. Time spent at the University the most fun and carefree. You’re still not an adult but not a child. You are allowed pranks, but then will start adult life, you will bear the burden of responsibility, and after graduation you will already be a fully independent person. So do what you could not tell or remember without laughter.

The plan of a new educational system New features of the standard are: formation of the Russian (civil) identity; humanization of education and school activities; provision of state guarantees in respect of the conditions under which it is possible to achieve the planned results of education; ensuring the compatibility, comparability of Russian and advanced foreign educational systems.

The innovative nature of the new standard is expressed by the following conceptual points: key objectives of education through the system of values education; focus on the development of variability of education; systemic-activity approach as a General pedagogical basis for the definition of requirements to results of education (the goal of education is the development of the individual student based on the development of universal ways of activity); definition of the scientific content of education based on the allocation of its fundamental core; the restoration of the role of education in the education system as a major component of personal results of development of standards; a new system of organization of educational process through the development of the new structure of the basic educational plan, implementation of health technologies, the formation of an open information-educational environment, etc.

Whether e-learning alternative to traditional classes? The concept of distance learning has long been known. Already in the mid-nineteenth century through the transmission of information of the time — the postal service — pioneers of distance learning in the U.S. and Europe offered education to those who for objective reasons cannot attend schools. With the development of communication technologies — radio in the 1920·s. and television in the 1940·s. the new form of education became more widespread, and a surge of need emerged in the 60·ies of XX century due to the beginning of the internationalization of education and early processes of globalization. However, significantly increased the demand for distance education after the creation of the Internet in 80·ies, it is widely spread around the world. The internet has entered our life. In the virtual world we communicate, get information and make purchases. New technologies become available and cheaper. Distance learning via the Internet has become an integral part of traditional education around the world. Today it is popular in all developed countries of America, Europe and Asia. It is obvious that in the XXI century distance education will cover the whole world, writes the magazine «Training & career».

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Топик по английскому «Изучение иностранных языков» (Learning Foreign Languages)

... Зачем мы учим иностранные языки? Давайте вместе с вами, дорогие читатели, выявим причины, по которым люди изучают иностранные языки. Почему необходимо уметь говорить на английском языке? На ... структура эссе на английском языке Начало эссе (фактически — сочинения на заданную тему) ... безличные или неопределенно-личные предложения, чтобы подчеркнуть свою ... людей … . We live in a world in which … . Мы живем ...

The availability of training. Distance learning is designed for people who, because of objective reasons can not use traditional form of education. Such categories include, for example, citizens with disabilities, people who need to combine learning and work or live in the regions of Russia where there are not enough training institutions, comparable with Metropolitan or international, and women in Muslim countries who are forbidden to visit public places, etc. In addition, distance learning citizens wishing to study in prestigious universities of the world and Russia, but not having enough funds or time. The cost of training. The popularity of distance education in addition to technology development is directly related to the increase in the cost of full-time study. The cost of Internet education is much lower, moreover, it varies depending on the specialty forms training programs and academic institutions. In addition, there are also a variety of educational grants and scholarship programs, allowing for free or partially funded to study in a distance form. Moreover, in this case there are no travel expenses in the country of education, accommodation, food, medical insurance etc. The psychological barriers. Distance learning overcomes the psychological barriers associated with human communication skills, such as shyness, fear of public speaking, etc. Advantages

Disadvantages Internet access and computer knowledge. The realities of modern Russia are such that many populations today are not able to use modern communication technologies for financial and other reasons. Technical equipment in Russia is significantly inferior to the leading countries of the world. In addition, a person wishing to study remotely must have knowledge of computer technologies and programs. Motivation. Not the last factor for successful production of distance education is the personal characteristic of the individual. It is no secret that in the absence of daily monitoring, as is customary in traditional full-time education, you must have clear motivation. Undoubtedly, social interaction in the form of a lively exchange of ideas, experiences, psychological support group and the matter of competition in the remote form to some extent lost. That is why this form of training to a lesser extent suitable for people who do not have personal qualities of self-organization and discipline. Technical specialties. Distance learning is more suitable for education in the basic Sciences, Humanities or technology. Technical specialties, compared to the Humanities, are less in demand in this form of learning because mastering them requires a large amount of practical and laboratory work. Distance education via the Internet is not just a convenient form of learning, but also a serious alternative to the traditional form in the future. According to the American Association for research in education (American Educational Research Association), by 2010 about two-thirds of the world students will be trained remotely.

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Высшее образование в России / Higher Education In Russia

... studying in high school, which lasts for two years, he can enter the university after school graduation. Of course, it’s only the general pattern of education in Russia, ... мире без достойного образования прожить невозможно. Сочинение рассуждение на тему Роль образования в жизни человека Каждый ... This is the time when children start learning Biology, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Computing, and many ...

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Нет времени? Сохрани в

Стоит усвоить с раннего возраста, что научиться можно только тому, что любишь. И не позволять школьным предметам мешать образованию. Если вы любите англйиский — вы обязательно ему научитесь.

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Let’s try to imagine the world without education, without any schools, colleges and universities. What would that be like? No school means no knowledge and skills. No university means no doctors, no engineers and no scientists. Therefore, it means no development and no inventions. Would you like to live in the world that is deteriorating? The answer is quite obvious: it’s vitally important to study and get an education.

Nowadays there’re different kinds of education, but the most wide-spread is still the traditional one that includes the set of establishments providing education. For the vast majority of people, the first step is a primary school where students get the basic skills of reading, writing and counting. The next stage is secondary school which gives broad knowledge about various subjects and prepares students for future professional education. At the end of the last form school children take exams and after school graduation they have several options: to stop studying and get a job or get professional education in college or university. Students’ life is not easy because they have to take exams every term and study hard to succeed. Nevertheless, most people remember students’ years as the best time of their lives, full of fun and entertainment.

However, modern world is full of new opportunities to get education. More and more schools and universities provide on-line courses and trainings. It has some advantages for sure, because you study in a comfortable place at comfortable time. Also, some alternative ways are becoming more and more popular, e.g. home education or some approaches connected with developing the mind without books and strict systems.

As for me, I’m fully convinced that, no matter what kind of education you support, it’s necessary to study and develop your skills, to use the experience of others to create your own ideas in order to implement them to life.

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Образование в Великобритании

... overseas students study at British universities or further education colleges or train in nursing, law, banking or in industry. 2. Образование в Великобритании В Великобритании ... Великобритании стипендию от местных органов власти. Английские университеты значительно отличаются друг от друга. Они отличаются датой основания, размером, историей, традициями, общей организацией, методами обучения ...

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Давайте попробуем представить мир без образования, без школ, колледжей и университетов. Каким он будет? Отсутствие школ означает отсутствие знаний и навыков. Нет университетов — нет докторов, инженеров и ученых. Таким образом, отсутствие развития и изобретений. Вам бы хотелось жить в мире, который катится вниз? Ответ вполне очевиден: учиться и получать образование является жизненно необходимым.

На сегодня существуют различные виды образования, но наиболее распространенным все еще является традиционный, который включает в себя ряд учреждений, предоставляющих обучение. Для большинства людей первым шагом является начальная школа, в которой учащиеся получают базовые навыки чтения, письма и вычисления. Следующая стадия — средняя школа, которая дает более широкие знания о различных предметах и готовит учеников к будущему профессиональному обучению. В завершении последнего класса ученики сдают экзамены и после окончания школы имеют несколько вариантов: закончить обучение и найти работу, или же получить профессиональное образование в колледже или университете. Студенческая жизнь нелегка, так как они вынуждены сдавать экзамены каждый семестр и усердно учится, чтобы преуспеть. Тем не менее, большинство людей вспоминают свои студенческие годы, как лучшее время их жизни, полное веселья и развлечений.

Однако, современный мир полон новых возможностей получения образования. Все больше и больше школ и университетов предлагают онлайн курсы и тренинги. В этом, конечно, также есть свои преимущества, так как обучение проходит в удобном месте, в удобное время. Также, некоторые альтернативные варианты становятся все более и более популярными, такие как домашнее обучение или различные подходы, направленные на развитие без использования книг и строгой системы.

Что касается меня, я убеждена, что неважно сторонником какого вида образования Вы являетесь, необходимо учиться и развивать свои способности, использовать опыт других специалистов для создания свих идей с целью воплотить их в реальность.