Экологические проблемы казахстана на английском языке с переводом


Environmental Problems – Экологические проблемы

Our environment is constantly changing. This is the fact we cannot deny. The way technological progress influences the environment is not the most favourable.

today humanity is facing numerous environmental problems. If we do not pay attention to these problems right now, we may face even bigger natural disasters in the future.


Pollution is one of the biggest problems. Plants and motor vehicles are number one pollutants. Their harmful emissions pollute the environment. Oil spills and acid rains make the World Ocean dirty.

Global warming

Global warming is the result of human activity. It is characterized by rising temperatures of the oceans and earth’s surface causing rise in sea levels and melting of polar ice cover. Apart from that, floods, desertification and excessive snow are also signs of global warming.

Climate change

Global warming causes the rise of another serious problem, known as climate change. Climate change can lead to the development of other harmful effects in our life, such as occurrence of new diseases and change in seasons.


Today forests cover about 30% of land. Every year this figure decreases more and more. People clear new territories for residential buildings, new plants and factories. We must realize that deforestation causes the extinction of animals and plants.

Ozone layer depletion

Ozone layer protects our planet from the sun’s harmful rays. Due to atmospheric emissions of the so-called CFC’s, the ozone layer depletes. This results in occurrence of the holes in the ozone layer.

Today CFC’s are banned in many industries. However, we must remember that if this problem is not taken under control, harmful rays of the sun will easily penetrate the atmosphere. The biggest hole in the ozone layer is located above the Antarctic.

Окружающая нас среда постоянно меняется. Мы не можем отрицать этот факт. Технологический прогресс оказывает не самое благоприятное влияние на окружающую среду.

Сегодня человечество сталкивается со множеством экологических проблем. Если вовремя не обратить на них внимания, мы рискуем столкнуться с гораздо более серьезными бедствиями в будущем.


Загрязнение – одна из самых больших проблем. Заводы и автомобили являются самыми злостными загрязняющими факторами. Разливы нефти и кислотные дожди загрязняют Мировой океан.

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Global Warming — Глобальное потепление. на английском языке с переводом

... global warming correspond with each other, because without one, the other doesn't exist. Глобальное потепление Глобальное потепление иногда соотносят с парниковым эффектом. Парниковый эффект ... ozone layer, which allows life to exist on the Earth's surface. All of these activities are unfavourably changing ... углекислого газа. Парниковый эффект — это то, что заставляет температуру на Земле повышаться ...

Глобальное потепление

Глобальное потепление – результат деятельности человека. Оно характеризуется повышением температуры океанов и поверхности земли, что приводит к повышению уровня воды и таянию ледникового покрова. Кроме того, наводнения, опустынивание и чрезмерное выпадение снега, также являются признаками глобального потепления.

Климатические изменения

Глобальное потепление влечет за собой другую серьезную проблему – изменение климата. Изменение климата может стать причиной появления других вредных влияний на нашу жизнь, в том числе появления новых болезней и изменения погодных условий.

Вырубка лесов

На сегодняшний день 30% поверхности земли покрыто лесами. С каждым годом их становится все меньше. Человек вырубает леса, освобождая площадь под строительство новых домов, заводов и предприятий. Мы должны задуматься о том, что вырубка лесов приводит к вымиранию животных и исчезновению растений.

Истощение озонового слоя

Озоновый слой защищает нашу планету от вредных солнечных лучей. Вследствие выброса в атмосферу так называемых фреонов, озоновый слой истончается. Из-за этого в озоновом слое появляются дыры.

В настоящее время, фреоны практически не используются в производстве. Однако стоит помнить, что если эта проблема не будет взята под контроль, вредные солнечные лучи смогут беспрепятственно проникать в атмосферу. Крупнейшая озоновая дыра находится над Антарктидой.

Сочинения об Экологии на английском языке с переводом на русский язык

Представлена подборка сочинений об Экологии на английском языке с переводом на русский язык.

Our planet is not the only one in the universe but is supposedly the only one which is inhabited by living creatures. We have all the necessary resources to live a happy life: clean water, fresh air, good nature, eatable plants.

Наша планета не является единственной во Вселенной, но, предположительно, она единственная, на которой обитают живые существа. У нас есть все необходимые ресурсы, чтобы жить счастливой жизнью: чистая вода, свежий воздух, хорошая природа, пригодные для еды растения.

Эссе на тему «Ecological problem in Kazakhstan «

Ecological education in English language

When I look around I realized that not all people understand the importance of nature protection. One fine summer days a lot of people go out of town. They have picnics on the shores of lakes and the banks of rivers or on beautiful forest glades and they often leave behind a lot of rubbish- plastic bags and bottles, tins and paper. It makes me feel sad when I see people returning to town with huge bunches of forest or meadow flowers. Many of these plants are included into the Red Book which contains the names of rare plants and animals. Some of them have become extinct and others are on the verge of disappearing. If we don’t realize that we are all responsible for what’s happening around us we will never feel secure about the future of the world we live in. According to expert conclusions, environmental situation in several regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan nowadays is not only unfavorable, but even catastrophic. The most dangerous demonstrations of today’s environmental crisis are oil pollution of the Caspian Sea, reduction of water in Aral Sea, a harmful effect of the former Semipalatinsk nuclear test site. For example, only in Almaty appeared a number of various public organizations more or less engaged in solving environmental issues, they are: “Kazakh Society for Nature Protection” NGO, Socio-Ecological Fund “NGO ECO forum”, “Guldenu” NGO, Institute of Ecology and Sustainable Development, “Tau” Ecological Center” NGO, “Ecology of biosphere” laboratory, “NGO Ecological Forum’s Resource Center” NGO, Ecological Union for associations and enterprises of Kazakhstan “Tabigat”, “Atom” NGO, “Center for sustainable production and consumption” Corporate Fund, “Ecological center” Fund and many others. In addition to state regulations, globalization of ecological problems requires an active participation of non-governmental ecological organizations and ecological movements on the global, national and regional levels. Thus, Kazakhstani NGOs gained some experience in the protection of the environment. Several nongovernmental organizations are involved in the creation of environment protection legislation and monitor its implementation. For several years “Kaspyi Tabigaty” Atyrau NGO sharply criticized the activities of OKIOC and Tengizshevroil companies in the Caspian Sea, forcing them to solve problems of a negative impact of their activities on the ecological situation in the region. During 2002, the Ecological Union “Tabigat”, Karaganda Ecocenter and other “green” NGOs set on a large anti-nuclear campaign, organized public hearings concerning the problem of import and disposal of radioactive waste on the territory of different towns of Kazakhstan. By contrast, the water level of the Caspian Sea has been rising steadily since 1978 for reasons that scientists have not been able to explain fully. At the northern end of the sea, more than a million hectares of land in Atyrau Province have been flooded. Experts estimate that if current rates of increase persist, the coastal city of Atyrau, eighty-eight other population centers, and many of Kazakstan’s Caspian oil fields could be submerged by 2020.Wind erosion has also had an impact in the northern and central parts of the republic because of the introduction of wide-scale dryland wheat farming. By the mid-1990s, Kazakhstan faces several important environmental issues. As the site of the former Soviet Union’s nuclear testing programs, areas of the nation have been exposed to high levels of nuclear radiation, and there is significant radioactive pollution. The nation also has 30 uranium mines, which add to the problem of uncontrolled release of radioactivity.Kazakhstan has sought international support to convince China to stop testing atomic bombs near its territory, because of the dangerous fall out Mismanagement of irrigation projects has caused the level of the Aral Sea to drop by 13 m, decreasing its size by 50%. The change in size has changed the climate in the area and revealed 3 million hectares of land that are now subject to erosion. Air pollution in Kazakhstan is another significant environmental problem. Acid rain damages the environment within the country and also affects neighboring countries. In 1992 Kazakhstan had the world’s 14th highest level of industrial carbon dioxide emissions, which totaled 297.9 million metric tons, a per capita level of 17.48 metric tons. In 1996, the total had dropped to 173.8 million metric tons. Pollution from industrial and agricultural sources has also damaged the nation’s water supply. UN sources report that, in some cases, contamination of rivers by industrial metals is 160 to 800 times beyond acceptable levels. Pollution of the Caspian Sea is also a problem. Kazakhstan’s wildlife is in danger of extinction due to the overall level of pollution. According to current estimates, some areas of the nation will not be able to sustain any form of wildlife by the year 2015. In the areas where pollution is the most severe, 11 species of mammals and 19 species of birds and insects are already extinct. As of 2001, 15 mammal species, 15 bird species, 5 types of freshwater fish, and 36 species of plant are listed as threatened. One of the most important pollution problems is the oceans and seas. Many ships sail in the ocean water- fishing ships, some ships carrying people, some carrying oil. If a ship loses some of the oil in the water, or waste from the ships in put into the ocean or seas, the water becomes dirty. Such in our Caspian sea. Many sea birds die because,we polluted water. Many fish are dying in the sea, others are getting contaminated. Fishermen catch contaminated fish which may be sold in markets, and people may get sick from eating them. Lakes and rivers are becoming polluted, too. Some beaches are dangerous for swimming. Another important problem is air pollution. Cars and factories pollute the air we use. Their fume also destroys the ozone layer which protects the Earth from the dangerous light of the Sun. Burning coal and oil leads to global warming which may bring about a change in the world’s climate. The other problem is that our forests are dying from acid rains. Deforestation, especially destruction of tropical forests, affects the balance of nature in many ways. It kills animals, changes the climate and ecosystem in the world.

We talk about this problem in 9 th and 8 th form. We talk about nature with people. What can be done to protect nature? And we believe that environment disasters can be avoided if people broaden ecological education and every person understands that the beauty of nature is extremely fragile and people must obey the unwritten laws of nature. Governments must be prepared to take action against pollution. Air pollution could be reduced if plants and factories were made to fit effective filters on chimneys and car exhausts. Green zones around big cities must be protected and extended. Natural resources should be used economically because their stocks are not unlimited



Ecology Экология
Ecology is the study that helps to preserve the Earth, its plants and animals. It is also supposed to study the environment and the relationship between human activities and nature. Экология – это наука, которая занимается сохранением Земли, её растений и животных. Предполагается, что она также изучает окружающую среду и отношение между деятельностью человека и природой.
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The Ecological Problems of Our District Экологические проблемы нашего района
The term “ecology” was introduced into scientific language and the life of our society many years ago. Everybody knows that ecology depends on our humane attitude towards nature and it’s no secret that nowadays the world ecological situation is difficult. Термин экология был введен в научную терминологию (досл. — язык) и жизнь нашего общества много лет назад. Каждый знает, что экология зависит от нашего гуманного отношения к природе, и не секрет, что сегодня мировая экологическая ситуация сложна.
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Take Care of the Nature Берегите природу
Once my parents and I went to the Kavgolovskoye lake near Saint-Petersburg. My father was the one who wanted to go. He remembered that he used to come there when he was little and how he used to run there on white sand and swim in clean water. Как-то мы с родителями отправились отдыхать на Кавголовское озеро под Санкт-Петербургом. Инициатором поездки был папа. Он помнил, как приезжал сюда еще ребенком, бегал по белоснежному песку и купался в чистой воде.
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Environmental Protection Защита окружающей среды
We live in a world full of different types of pollution. Wanting to make their lives easier people have invented so many new devices and factories, that nature is in danger. Unfortunately, environment is not the unlimited source of resources. Мы живем в мире, полном различных видов загрязнения. Желая облегчить свою жизнь, люди придумали так много новых устройств и заводов, что природа находится в опасности. К сожалению, окружающая среда не является неограниченным источником ресурсов.
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Environmental Problems Загрязнение окружающей среды
Environmental problems have become one of the most urgent problems of modern society. More and more people suffer from air and water pollution. Nature also suffers from land and nuclear pollution. The reasons for such environmental problems are numerous. Проблемы окружающей среды стали одной из самых насущных проблем современного общества. Всё больше людей страдает от загрязнений воды и воздуха. Природа также страдает от загрязнения земли и от радиоактивности. Причин для таких проблем окружающей среды множество.
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Let’s Save The Nature Сохраним природу
Humans and the nature have been closely connected since the ancient times. We use generous gifts that are given to us by fertile ground, we mine valuable minerals, drink purified fresh water and simply enjoy the beauty of pine forests and mountain landscapes. Человек и природа с древних времен находятся в тесной взаимосвязи. Мы пользуемся щедрыми дарами, которые дает нам плодородная матушка-земля, добываем из ее недр полезные ископаемые, пьем очищенную пресную воду и просто наслаждаемся красотой хвойных лесов и прекрасными горными пейзажами.
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Environment Окружающая среда
Environment is the natural habitat that surrounds us everywhere. Over the last decades people have built so many harmful factories that environment started to suffer. Some environmental problems are really urgent in modern society. Окружающая среда является естественной средой обитания, которая окружает нас повсюду. За последние десятилетия люди уже построили так много заводов, что пострадала окружающая среда. Некоторые экологические проблемы очень актуальны в современном обществе.
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Save Our Planet Спасите нашу планету
If you look at the Earth from the orbit then you will see a beautiful blue planet that seems to be surrounded by mysterious white fog. This is the only planet in our universe that has life and everything that is necessary for it — water and the atmosphere. It’s hard to believe but this planet is dying! Если взглянуть на Землю из космоса, то можно увидеть прекрасную голубую планету, которая как будто окружена загадочным белым туманом. Это единственная планета в нашей вселенной, на которой есть жизнь и все необходимые для этого условия — вода и атмосфера. И сложно поверить, что эта планета погибает!
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Global Warming Глобальное потепление
Global warming has become a serious problem in modern world. It is referred to potential changes in climate, which can lead to the rise of global temperature. This term has been presented by scientists. Глобальное потепление стало серьезной проблемой в современном мире. Речь идет о возможных изменениях климата, которые могут привести к повышению глобальной температуры. Этот термин был представлен учеными.
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Air Pollution Загрязнение воздуха
Obviously air is essential for every life being on our planet — for people, animals and plants. Without air no life on Earth could exist. But today we face one urgent problem — the industry keeps on developing and it results in air pollution. Очевидно, что воздух необходим всему живому на нашей планете – людям, животным и растениям. Без воздуха на Земле не могла бы существовать жизнь. Но сегодня перед нами стоит острая проблема – индустрия продолжает развиваться и это приводит к загрязнению воздуха.
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Water Pollution Загрязнение воды
Water covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface. It is very important resource for people and the environment. One of the most urgent problems of today’s life is pollution and especially water pollution. Вода покрывает около 70% поверхности Земли. Это очень важный ресурс для людей и окружающей среды. Одна из самых острых проблем современной жизни – загрязнение и особенно загрязнение воды.
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Our Planet Earth Наша планета Земля